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Victor Personal Training is based near Maidstone, Kent. VPT provides personal training in Medway and the surrounding towns – Delivered fresh to your door!

Why is personal training worth the investment?
Simple: training can help you get more out of your body: from reducing stress and recovery times to improving flexibility, vitality, immune resistance and boosting your confidence.

Victor PT can help you get a spring in your step. 

VPT qualified and insured professional trainers are there especially to help you get the results you want through a personalised training programme and nutritional advice. 

To experience this rather than just read about it, get in touch using the contact details below or click here:

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Train With Intention:

If you have a desire to change your fitness level then keep the reasons for this in your mind, use them as an engine to drive change, let your goals and dreams evolve and grow with you.