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Whats Been Said...

Victor is a great Personal trainer and is 100% dedicated to his job. After my first consultation with Victor I already felt comfortable about having him as my trainer. He's very down to earth and doesn't make you feel self-conscious.

Victor encourages and pushes you to do the best that you can. He's always happy and has a smile on his face, if you're having a down day and do not want to work out, you'll be feeling good within 10 minutes of Victor being there. Victor also helps you with the nutritional side of training; he doesn't make you feel that you can never eat 'treat food' again, it's all about moderation.

He understands that people have busy lives and will do his best to work with that. Victor makes exercise fun and I'm so glad he's my Personal trainer. I'm not only losing weight but gaining confidence.

Katie 34 from Maidstone

I have recently moved to Kent, and Victor kindly agreed the challenge of working with me, he is:

· Fun, kind, self-effacing, just takes me for who I am and works with that

· Never criticises, stays within boundaries, is professional, tactful and makes the sessions fly by

· Challenging but says repeatedly my stamina and strength is about me and my journey- so my successes are mine

· Thorough, changes the routine, remembers your life story, and is never boring

· Picks up where he leaves off

· Has a great sense of humour

· Aware of risk, capacity and my capability and is diligent in his approach to safety

· I believe he can relate to anyone of any age or background

· He is a great person with a strong philosophy on life and I would say that anyone who works with him will be better physically and spiritually in his care.

Sally from West Malling

I have been working with Victor for just over a year now, while also training independently between sessions. Victor pays attention to my strengths and weaknesses, and changes my 'homework' to keep it challenging yet achievable, with balance between work professionalism having a laugh, Victor always has a minute to help me that extra bit- would recommend if you are looking for a confidant and competent trainer. 

Sue from Ashford

Below are some comments graciously provided by some Victor PT clients, if you have an experience you would like to share, please do so below​

Train Together:

We are all on the same journey, we just see it from different perspectives, and started at different times, achievement is not about ability it's about attitude.