Outdoor Group Exercise
Rather train casually?

Come to the VPT boot-camp
Outdoor training on a Saturday morning, the VPT boot-camp runs 3/4 Saturdays a month at Fort Luton.

What do you need? A can do attitude, and some water.

Who can come? Everyone is welcome regardless of your fitness level or exercise experience, boot-camp uses a lot of bodyweight exercises so just the right attitude is enough. 

How to find us? The main entrance to Fort Luton is within The Victory Academy School car park, visitors are welcome to park there if required. The address is:

Fort Luton
Magpie Hall Road

Why here? Fort Luton is a great example of a community hub, run diligently by members and volunteers, with a forward thinking vision for improvement and preserving local history.

For the most up to date VPT boot-camp news including dates, see our facebook page.

Full terms of attendance are available here.