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Victor Personal Training is mobile and delivered to your home or local park. Sessions are typically an hour long and your first session will include a fitness assessment to define your starting point.

This starting point allows us to measure your progress and review and advance your training according to the goals you have set.

Victor PT will design a workout plan tailored to these goals and structured to challenge you and develop your abilities. Soon, you'll be warming up independently, allowing more time for development within your session.

In addition to one-on-one training Victor Personal Training can deliver small group training sessions, allowing you to split the cost and stay motivated with a training buddy!

Whether training solo or in a group, your personal trainer will always be reachable for friendly advice and support. Get in touch using the details below

Nutritional Coaching
No training programme is complete without the right nutrition to fuel it.

"Perfect planning prevents poor performance" 

A solid nutritional plan will make sure that your training yields results more effectively. 

Victor PT will provide you with knowledge, guidance and planning materials to shape your nutrition, giving you a firm handle on what goes into your body.

Personal and Training 
Train With Resilliance:

Change comes from within, action from without.

First decide to change then act on the deciscion. When the going gets tough remember why you started, what triggered it, play that moment or song, walk that path one more time - it's all in your mind.